Digital basstation (Digital Master).
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The Car System Digital Master (wireless base station) controls the communication between the necessary components and controls all functions. The communication with the satellites, respectively vehicles is ensured by means of a wireless transmission, respectively reception module. The Car System Digital Master possesses the following interfaces: USB interface for connection to a PC - LocoNet Master connection for expansion with any LocoNet Components desired, e.g. connection of PC expansion module - parallel power supply for satellites - interface for any random digital centre - independent power supply with 16 V alternating voltage - high-performance wireless antenna
The Car System Digital Master is equipped with a demo-version of the software »Car System Digital«, which is valid for 30 days. Används gärna tills med satelit 161353.
Pris: 329.99 Eur
Artikelnummer  161354
KategoriFaller digital system 3.0